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Assembly & Distribution

Trident finds the best partner for your Assembly & Distribution needs based on location and cost.

The logistics of such exercises can be daunting but by harnessing the years of experience with specialist contractors, Trident works together for a seamless and cost-effective rollout.

This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Collection of RFID tag data during manufacture and data matching to serial number.
  • Pre rollout meetings with Council to discuss all aspects
  • Developing and monitoring a timeline
  • Arranging a temporary Rollout Depot
  • Despatch advice of bins to Rollout Depot
  • Collection and management of the database
  • Agreed service standards and timeline
  • Dedicated Rollout Manager
  • Dedicated Data Manager
  • Attachment of information booklet
  • Lid changeover
  • Collection of retired bins
  • Responsible recycling of retired bins
  • Post rollout meeting and debrief

Let us assist you with unbiased, tactical information that can save you money and increase the success of your next rollout.

Bin Maintenance

Trident undertakes the delivery of bins to residents through Councils and Waste Management contractors.

This includes liaison with Council and third party Waste Management contractor whereby a list is provided twice weekly.

The new or replacement bins are delivered the next day after receipt of list and serial numbers are recorded at the point of delivery.

Immediately after completion of the run, data is resubmitted back to the third-party waste management contractor.

This is a very efficient, cost-effective method of ensuring ratepayers are receiving their bins direct from the manufacturer to the tenement.

An entire customisable solution for Councils and Waste Management companies in Adelaide and other states where stocks may be held.

Can also include:

  • Broken pins
  • Broken lids
  • Wheel replacement
  • Axle replacement

Recycling & Granulation

Trident can shred, granulate and extrude pre-consumer scrap for reuse in the injection moulding process. This means we are minimising waste and using maximum recycled material for the content of our Mobile Garbage Bins.

By using retired bins we are saving valuable resources from landfill and meeting the council’s requirement for recycled content in their bins without losing the integrity of the product.

For years, Trident has purchased old wheelie bins and reprocessed them in each capital city around Australia. The latest enhancement allows greater flexibility in our recycling of HDPE used for wheelie bins and our commitment to the environment


Trident has its own fleet of utes, trucks and semi trailers designed for metro, country and interstate transport of wheelie bins.

Currently running a daily service for deliveries within Adelaide and a 2 semi trailers interstate we can be cost effective and timely in our deliveries.

We also utilise the services of country and national linehaul companies to deliver MGB’s to your door by the pallet, A Trailer, B Trailer or B Double semi.

Trident utilises the extensive rail network with 20’ HC, 40’ HC and 48’ Jumbo containers to any rail destination in Australia. In 2016, Trident acquired a container “Stack Lifter”, enabling containers to be loaded and unloaded on site at St Clair. Usually found in shipping container terminals and rail yards, this impressive piece of equipment acts like a giant forklift to move containers with ease. Due to the volume of containers moving in and out of our St Clair facility, this equipment allows greater flexibility and cost savings on container movements.

We ship to selected states and overseas using our shipping partners to Tasmania, New Zealand and Europe. Due to our competitive pricing Trident is seeking global markets for its products and has the ability ship anywhere in the world.

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