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Can Trident make new products for people?

How many machines do you have?

What else does Trident make besides bins?

Yes, Trident has its own design team for new parts and injection moulding tools as well as substantial testing facilities. whether it is for automotive or non-automotive use, Trident can assist from concept, design, rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacture.

Trident has 28 injection moulding machines from 20 to 6,500 tonne clamp pressure to make small precise components to very large components such as bumper bars and bins as well as a painting facility, plastic recycling facility and sub assembly capability.

Trident’s disciplines are in automotive manufacture for companies such as Mitsubishi, Holden and HSV. Trident continues to manufacture spare parts for Mitsubishi and Holden as well as new and spare parts for HSV. HSV will continue to expand a new range on high end automotive products on new platforms such as Dodge Ram, of which Trident is proud to be a supplier.

Trident is also a long term manufacturer of air conditioning components for evaporative air conditioners sold throughout the world.

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