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  • Date 09-11-2015
Stack Lifter

Trident has its own fleet of utes, trucks and semi trailers designed for metro, country and interstate transport of wheelie bins.

Currently running a daily service for deliveries within Adelaide and a 2 semi trailers interstate we can be cost effective and timely in our deliveries.

We also utilise the services of country and national linehaul companies to deliver MGB’s to your door by the pallet, A Trailer, B Trailer or B Double semi.

Trident utilises the extensive rail network with 20’ HC, 40’ HC and 48’ Jumbo containers to any rail destination in Australia. In 2016, Trident acquired a container “Stack Lifter”, enabling containers to be loaded and unloaded on site at St Clair. Usually found in shipping container terminals and rail yards, this impressive piece of equipment acts like a giant forklift to move containers with ease. Due to the volume of containers moving in and out of our St Clair facility, this equipment allows greater flexibility and cost savings on container movements.

We ship to selected states and overseas using our shipping partners to Tasmania, New Zealand and Europe. Due to our competitive pricing Trident is seeking global markets for its products and has the ability ship anywhere in the world.

Transport 1
Transport B Double