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  • Date 09-11-2015
Assembly & Distribution

Trident finds the best partner for your Assembly & Distribution needs based on location and cost.

The logistics of such exercises can be daunting but by harnessing the years of experience with specialist contractors, Trident works together for a seamless and cost effective rollout.

This may include but in not limited to the following:

  • Collection of RFID tag data during manufacture and data matching to serial number.
  • Pre rollout meetings with Council to discuss all aspects
  • Developing and monitoring a timeline
  • Arranging¬†a temporary Rollout Depot
  • Despatch advice of bins to Rollout Depot
  • Collection and management of the database
  • Agreed service standards and timeline
  • Dedicated Rollout Manager
  • Dedicated Data Manager
  • Attachment of information booklet
  • Lid changeover
  • Collection of retired bins
  • Responsible recycling of retired bins
  • Post rollout meeting and debrief


Let us assist you with unbiased, tactical information that can save you money and increase the success of your next rollout.